STD Testing at MyCare Express Clinic

STD Testing at MyCare Express Clinic

Both terms can be used interchangeably

sexually transmitted infection (STI) & sexually transmitted disease (STD)


Both terms can be used interchangeably however, they do differ very slightly. If you have been diagnosed with a STI, this means you have an infection but might not yet experience any symptoms; or it has not yet transformed into a disease. In sum, the infection is the beginning phase of a sexually transmitted disease. But, if the STI is treated in time, a STD could be prevented. It is important to note that not all STIs are treatable.

Discreet STD Testing

If you have been contemplating the difference between a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and a sexually transmitted disease (STD), you are not alone. A STI is an infection caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites or yeast that is spread through sexual contact involving your genitals, mouth or anus.

For example, HPV (Human Papillomavirus) can often leave women without symptoms, but they may be a carrier of the virus. This would be an example of a STI. However, the moment that virus develops into cervical cancer, the woman now clinically has a STD.

STD Testing

Are you at risk for a STI?

There are several circumstances that can place your sexual health at risk. These factors may include:

Visit the links below to learn more about STIs and STDs. If you believe you are experiencing any of the symptoms, please contact us today.

If you are worried you have contracted a STI, please contact MyCare Express Clinic urgent care immediately. We are fully equipped and prepared to perform a confidential test for HIV, chlamydia, herpes, hepatitis, syphilis and other versions of VD. For such sensitive medical concerns such as STIs and STDs, it is vital that you do not have to wait or make an appointment, making our walk-in clinic the perfect choice for testing and treatment. If you do test positive, it is important to get seen immediately to ensure you start treatment right away. We will provide you with the quick, discreet and accurate results you deserve.

Frequently Asked Sexually Transmitted Infection and Disease Questions

Is it okay to ask a potential sexual partner to get tested before engaging in sexual activity together?

Yes, absolutely! You should keep an open line of communication between you and your sexual partner before engaging in sexual activity with them for the first time.

Do condoms prevent STIs?

Ensure you and your partner are using condoms EVERY TIME you engage in sexual activity. While condoms are not a 100% guarantee that you will not contract a STI, it greatly reduces your overall risk.

I am sexually active. How often should I get tested?

We recommend a minimum of once per year even if you are having safe sex. If you have unprotected sex, we recommend getting tested right away. If you are participating in casual sex, we recommend at least every six months.

Can men get HPV?


I have tested positive for a STI/STD, and I am pregnant. Is my baby at risk?

It is possible to pass your infection or disease to your baby, so be sure to discuss all risks and concerns prior to delivery. Your doctor may decide that the safest option for delivery is a cesarean, also known as a C-section.

What are the treatments for STDs?

Most, if not all STDs that are curable, can be treated with a prescribed antibiotic from the medical practitioner at MyCare Express Clinic urgent care. If you are pregnant, be sure to let your provider know, as this could change the prescription you are given to keep the baby safe.

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STDs that are curable, can be treated with a prescribed antibiotic from the medical practitioner from MyCare Express Clinic

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