Fractures & Dislocations Care at MyCare Express Clinic

Fractures & Dislocations Care at MyCare Express Clinic

Broken Bones, Fractures and Dislocations: Oh My!

we recommend virtually checking in

If you believe you have fractured or dislocated something

Skip the long wait time at an emergency room and visit MyCare Express Care Clinic urgent care. We understand that medical accidents such as broken bones, fractures, and dislocations can happen without warning, which is why we do not require an appointment to be treated at our walk-in clinic. If you are on your way to the clinic now, we recommend virtually checking in to reserve a spot in line.

What Is The Difference Between Fracture and Dislocation?

A fracture is medically described as a break or crack in the bone(s), while dislocations are described as bones being out of place from their connecting joint. While a fracture and a dislocation can be very painful, there are symptom differences between the two:

Our medical staff may decide that an X-Ray is necessary to determine the severity of the break or dislocation of your bone/joint and to determine what kind of treatment will be required. However, there are times that our medical staff can tell whether your bone is broken by simply observing or touching the area.

Fractures & Dislocations

How Are Fractures Treated?:

The main goal in treating a fracture is to get the bone back in one piece. If you have been diagnosed by a medical provider as having a fracture, you may undergo one or more of the following treatments:

How Are Dislocations Treated?

The goal in treating a dislocated joint is to put the joint back in place and reduce the pain. If you have been told you have a dislocation, you may experience one or more of these treatments:

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If you suspect you may have a fracture or dislocation,

do not hesitate to visit one of our MyCare Express Clinic urgent care location.

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