Sore Throat Treatment at MyCare Express Clinic

Sore Throat Treatment at MyCare Express Clinic

pain is the primary side effect of a

sore throat.

Sore Throat Treatment at MyCare Express Clinic

Though a sore throat isn’t an emergency, it is a pesky problem that makes everyday things such as eating, drinking, and sleeping uncomfortable. Are you experiencing irritation, scratchiness, itchiness or pain that is making swallowing almost unbearable? While pain is the primary side effect of a sore throat, you may also be experiencing:

Sore Throat

Sore throat causes

Viral infection: The common cold and flu may include a sore throat. Sore throats also may occur with other types of viral infections, including mononucleosis, measles, chickenpox, and croup in children. If you believe you have a sore throat due to any of these viruses, contact MyCare Express Clinic urgent care today to seek proper diagnosis and medical treatment.

Stomach Flu: This may also be referred by a physician as viral gastroenteritis. This is an intestinal infection that may cause a very liquid diarrhea, cramps and nausea or vomiting.

Bacterial infection: This is most common in those diagnosed with strep throat, diphtheria or whooping cough. If you experience a sore throat lasting longer than 48 hours after initial treatment, seek medical care so a rapid strep test may be performed. Sometimes a sore throat may look viral but may turn into a bacterial infection days later.

Environmental influences: A sore throat may occur even if you do not have a viral or bacterial infection. Allergies can cause mucus to drip or accumulate in the back of your throat, causing irritation or inflammation. Dry air can make your throat feel scratchy. If you have recently been yelling or talking too much or smoking cigarettes, your throat may feel sore.

When to seek medical attention at MyCare Express Clinic

If your throat has hurt for more than one week, visit us at MyCare Express Clinic. Pay attention to whether you are experiencing the following:

At-home remedies for a sore throat

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