Biometric Screenings at MyCare Express Clinic

Biometric Screenings at MyCare Express Clinic

to obtain the highest level of health and well-being.

Get recommendations and health care tips

The Importance Of a Biometric Screenings

The sensitive medical data and results that will be collected as a result of your Biometric screening, will be kept safe and in secure hands when performed at MyCare Express Clinic urgent care.

The Biometric Health Screening is used to measure factors of your health such as:

These screenings are typically referred by your doctor or primary care physician and are recommended every 5 years in order to keep track of lifetime results. After the screening is complete, our medical providers will send you home with recommendations and health care tips in order to obtain the highest level of health and well-being.

Subject to the results of your Biometric assessment, it may be revealed that your health is at risk for diseases such as Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes.

Biometric Screening

What Is The Difference Between A Biometric Screening & Wellness Exams?

An Annual Wellness Exam includes gathering your medical history, current health status by examining heart, lungs, throat, etc., and making sure you are up to date on all important immunizations. A Biometric Screening, however, focuses directly on measuring an individual’s risk factors for stress, blood pressure, glucose levels and others as mentioned within the list above.

Why Should I Select MyCare Express Clinic Over Other Labs For My Screenings?

At our walk-in clinic, we do not require patients to make an appointment in order to be seen by a skilled medical provider. We also offer an easy, fast and convenient virtual check-in that helps to minimize your overall wait. In addition, Medicaid is accepted at our clinic whereas most other labs will not accept Medicaid as an appropriate method of payment. If you do not use Medicaid, or do not have a health insurance plan, no worries! All of our locations offer a low, self-pay rate for all rendered services.

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