Pink Eye Treatment at MyCare Express Clinic

Pink Eye Treatment at MyCare Express Clinic

Pink eye can be viral or bacterial

Pink eye more commonly known as Yes! Conjunctivitis

What are the Causes of Pink Eye Infection?

Pink eye can be viral or bacterial. Both types can begin in one eye and spread to the other one. A viral eye infection is often the result of a cold or sinusitis. A bacterial eye infection can occur when a person is exposed to a contaminated surface.

Pink Eye Infection Treatment

Is pink eye worth a trip to a MyCare Express Care Clinic urgent care?

Yes! Conjunctivitis, more commonly known as pink eye, is highly contagious, which is why it is important to see a medical provider as soon as symptoms show up to begin treatment. If you have touched the infected area around your eye, it can easily be passed to others.

Pink Eye Infection Treatment

What are the signs and symptoms of pink eye?

Go to an emergency room immediately if you are experiencing any of the following:

The good news is that with prompt treatment, pink eye will clear up rather quickly. Upon examination, a medical practitioner at MyCare Express Care Clinic may prescribe an antibiotic eye drop treatment. A steroid eye drop may also be prescribed to reduce conjunctivitis related inflammation. We also recommend using a warm water treatment to remove any pus or crusts from your eye as a result of the infection.
If you wear contact lenses as prescribed by your eye-care provider, we will encourage you to stop using them and wear your prescription glasses until the infection has cleared.

To prevent eye infections such as pink eye:

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Do not touch or rub your eye, especially without first washing your hands

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