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MyCare Express Clinic offers a convenient alternative to an ER visit or a doctor’s appointment for illnesses or injuries. With locations throughout the North West Indiana and Chicago, Illinois areas, and convenient hours, MyCare Express Clinic’s experienced medical staff provides optimum and convenient quality care across a wide range of medical services.
People with non-emergency needs often go straight to the emergency room for an injury or illness, many of which could have been treated by a provider at an urgent care or walk-in clinic - for the same level of high quality medical care. Knowing the difference between a true emergency and one that is an urgent-care injury or illness not only could save time, but also money.

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2335 W 75th Street, Woodridge, IN 60517

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Toll Free:+1-888-521-1593, +1 888 521 1593
Phone: +1-219-462-0016, 1-219-648-2786
Phone: +1 239 672 8673
Fax: +1 833 914 1530

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When to get immediate Care!

Home remedies are a good way to help heal or stop common illnesses and minor injuries and can be very useful. However, its is important to know when the problem has become too much to handle on your own.

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