Ear Irrigation Treatment at MyCare Express Clinic

Ear Irrigation Treatment at MyCare Express Clinic

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Treatment For Ear Irrigation

Buildup of earwax can impair ear structures and negatively affect your hearing. Attempting to remove foreign objects or earwax with small items, such as Q-Tips, can push it deeper into the ear and potentially cause serious damage. MyCare Express Clinic urgent care can help clean out your ears and protect the sensitive structures with ear irrigation.

Ear Irrigation

Ear irrigation is an effective method used to safely remove excess earwax or foreign materials from the ear. Before the procedure, the provider will look in your ear(s) with an otoscope. Then he or she will perform the irrigation to flush out the blockage.

If you cannot find relief from your ear pain or discomfort, visit one of our MyCare Express Clinic urgent care locations. As a convenient walk-in clinic, no appointment is necessary, but we do offer a virtual check-in tool to minimize your wait time.

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