Laceration Repair at MyCare Express Clinic

Laceration Repair Treatment at MyCare Express Clinic

Puncture wounds are typically caused

Our walk-in clinic is fully equipped

Laceration Repair

A laceration can be described as a jagged, deep cut, tear, gash or injury to your skin caused by blunt force trauma. There is a major difference in a skin laceration and a puncture wound. The biggest difference is that a puncture wound “pierces” the flesh and leaves obvious edges at the site of injury; a laceration tears at the skin and sometimes the tissue underneath.

Puncture wounds are typically caused by an object such as a knife or nail that enters and leaves the skin in a clean motion. Lacerations, however, can be deep tears in the soft body tissue and can even have bacterial growth or debris left in your skin from the object that caused the initial tear.

You should seek prompt medical care for a laceration. Our walk-in clinic is fully equipped for fast and effective treatment of wounds. Our certified and professional medical providers will examine the gash and clean it to determine the necessary treatment. Depending on the cause, depth of wound and structure of the skin, treatment options may include a tetanus booster or stitches to close the wound. If the laceration requires another type of treatment, we will refer you to a nearby hospital.

Before walking into MyCare Express Clinic urgent care, be prepared to tell our medical staff:

Laceration Repair How Do You Evaluate My Laceration?

We are fully equipped to test nerve, artery and muscle function. In addition, we will check for debris such as glass, metal, wood or other materials from when the wound occurred.

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