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Fever Treatment & Care at MyCare Express Clinic

A fever is when your body temperature

temporarily increases requires medical treatment

If I have a fever but do not want to take medication, what are some other alternatives?

Fever Treatment

You can apply a cool, wet cloth to your forehead, drink plenty of cool fluids such as water or Gatorade, take a cool bath and avoid bundling yourself up in a bunch of blankets or clothing.

Fever & Treatment

A fever is when your body temperature temporarily increases, most often due to an illness that requires medical treatment. Fevers can indicate a number of things going on with your body, though an infection is the most common cause. Most fevers will cause discomfort but should not be of great concern unless they reach 102 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Signs and symptoms of a fever:

You are urged to seek medical treatment if you have a fever of 102 or higher that lasts longer than four hours. At MyCare Express Clinic, we offer professional medical services with the convenience of a walk-in clinic, so you never need to make an appointment when you are experiencing a fever or other medical issue.

Fever Treatment

What do I do if my child or someone I am near has a seizure from a fever?

We recommend laying that person on their side or stomach on a hard surface such as the ground. Remove any sharp objects that may be nearby, then loosen any tight clothing that they are wearing. DO NOT place anything in their mouth to try and stop the seizure.

Other than infection, what are some other causes of a fever?

Although an infection is the most common cause, you may also get a fever as a side effect from drugs, cancer, autoimmune diseases and vaccines.

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If you are worried your fever may pose a serious health concern,

you may want to come to one of our MyCare Express Clinic urgent care location.

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